3rd Generation Builder

Building dreams

I grew up on jobs with my father and my grandfather.  I worked in the industry throughout my teens, during college and after.  It has become more than a job for me.  I get to help people take their ideas and personal style and then turn it into a crafted reality.  I make dreams come true by creating works of art that you get to live inside of and call home.  I’ve always had an appreciation of art of all kinds.  From sculpture to paint, playing guitar to art theory, my artwork is best expressed in building custom homes.  Unlike some artists, I also am keen on mathematical and scientific details that edge on engineering.  I enjoy not just the creation, but the often complicated process of pivoting and problem solving as the masterpiece is built.


"Wyatt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to home building and is an open and honest communicator. He has an enormous network of contacts to ensure the right people are working on your home. His calm demeanor helps make stressful situations easier and the home building process as smooth as possible." -ANDREW HAY

"Resilience and flexibility are the keys to a successful and enjoyable building experience. Together we can build dreams and have fun doing it."

We are here to build your dreams

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